After reborning at least 200 little hearts, in
2009 I finally created two for myself. How does the old saying go? The
cobbler's children have no shoes. My reborning ability has evolved
since then, but because I love dolls,

and they are MINE, they are very
special to me.  :)

Little Maggie was my first reborn. She was given to me by my son Benjamin for Christmas in 2005. She started out as a limited edition doll named Babsi by Rolanda Heimer. She was a collectible doll with a very hard vinyl not intended for reborning. But when I saw her sweet little face I fell in love with it, and just knew I had to bring her to "life"!  Due to her hard vinyl it was impossible to root her head, so I gave her a mohair wig that is very soft and perfect for her complexion and eye color. 

 I am so excited with her transformation!  :)

~ Maggie Kate ~

Birth Date: January 3, 2009

Little Grace is my second reborn. Doesn't she have the most peaceful sleeping face? She started out as a blank vinyl kit-the limited edition Sarah Lyn by Sherry Rawn. I love how she turned out and am so thrilled to have her!

~ Grace McKenna ~

Birth Date: January 5, 2009


Maggie Kate & Grace McKenna 

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