Every little heart reborn has:

Reborning is a term used for making a lifelike collectible baby doll. It has been around for many years now and has evolved greatly. When I first began this art twelve years ago the process began by purchasing a play doll from a retail store! I then disassembled the doll, sanded the molded hair lines, removed all factory paint, and washed all of the parts. Only then, could I begin to change this play doll into a doll that was now "reborn" into a lifelike collectible doll. The painting methods for reborning have changed through the years from Rit Dyes, oil paints, etc. as has the original starting pieces. Today there are many talented sculptors who create "kits" specifically intended for reborning. All I do now is wash the parts and begin!

Play dolls used long ago

Kits Used Today

* Pernament Heat-Set Paint

* Rooted Lifelike Mohair

* Lifelike Eyes

* Lifelike Weight

* Lifelike Veining

* Lifelike Fingernails/Toenails

* "Little Heart" Birthmark

* Little Heart Charm

Additional Features include:

Magnetic or Modified Pacifier

Lifelike Baby Drooling

Lifelike Moles

Lifelike Scratches

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