I received Caleb this afternoon. I am so pleased. Love the workmanship on him. No details were missed. He looks so real. I appreciate how careful he was packed in the box along with his extras. Made me feel I was opening a personal gift from my family. Thank you again & I will leave you favorable feedback on eBay. :) ~Karen~

Ohhhhhh SANDY!!!  My Skylar is ADORABLE!  I am so in love with her! I have tears in my eyes as I'm telling you this--they are tears of joy and warmth.  She just makes me feel so peaceful and full inside it just spills over.  I feel good good good when I even just THINK of her sweet little face!!!  You did a MAGNIFICENT job bringing this little baby to life!  She is just GORGEOUS and so FULL with life!  I am amazed by your phenomenal talent for bringing out in this baby what was just lying below her blank vinyl--she was meant to be made by you! Gosh I am so lucky!
Gosh I am so lucky! Sandy, I am in LOVE! ~Kitt~

She's home!!! My little girl arrived yesterday safe and sound. What a little cutie! Pyper is the size of some REAL preemies I've seen, but much nicer looking. She's soooo cuddly and weighted just right. You've done a great job on her and I'm more than happy. Thank you so much for everything and the card. Every time I'm in and out of my room, I glance at her and can't get over how petite and cute her face is. My friend couldn't get over how cute and real she looked. She said that's freaky. I guess that means you did your job well. Thanks again! ~Martha~

She's perfect THANK YOU! Thank you for my precious baby Callie. Seeing is believing! She's even prettier than her pictures! Thank you for all the goodies too! I knew from the moment I found your site that I had to have one of your babies! After holding her in my arms, I never imagined she'd be so real! These pictures could never show the true realism you put into your babies! She is perfect and I'm so glad to call her my own little heart! ~Jennifer~

He's home! I switched shifts with another nurse so I could pick him up at the post office this morning. I opened the box at the post office and was very pleased with little Shane. He is adorable. I took him to work with me. Everyone thought he was real. I work at a cancer center and the women patients were holding him and adoring him. I told them that I like holding these babies after a long day at work because it is relaxing. The patients enjoyed holding him and I could see a change in their expressions. Very therapeutic! Thank you for my baby! God bless you. God gave you a special talent. ~Cindy~

Hi Sandy,
I just wanted to let you know little Riley arrived in Australia today. He is gorgeous, and we are so happy with him! He is just like a new little baby. And all his little extras are just wonderful. Thank you ever so much! You are a very talented lady.

Hi Sandy! Dylan arrived around 3:00 today! He's perfect! He is just too cute! I love his hair color too! It looks so good. I love his size - he is just a little peanut.....so cute.  I have two girl reborns, but I wish I found you before I bought them, because if I saw your work first, I would only buy from you.  :-)  Mine are really cute, but your work is different and just so real, if you know what I mean.  If I ever get another one, it will be from you.  :-))  Thank you, I love him!!!  ~Marge~

Dear Sandy,I really don't want you using ebay anymore.....okay???? 'I' want all your babies....lol. Danielle came today, and she is gorgeous...I want you to know how much I appreciate your work...The little 'veins' cracked me up...they 'feel' so real.
You are sooo awesome...No more ebay....Just sell them all to me....lol 
I know I spent a lot of money on 2 babies, but I can honestly say that I don't regret one penny.... They are in the crib and very well behaved :) But they are simply beautiful..Thank you soo very much..  ~Lori~


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